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February 2017 Blog Archive

Tempus By Circa Zoo

Circa Zoo - Tempus

22 February, 2017

Over 55 carefully counted minutes this talented group of young performers will take you on a vivid imaginative journey, contrasting free-flowing acrobatics against the rigid tick of a metronome. Created by Bree Le Cornu and Circa Zoo, catch Circa Zoo Temp...

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When Will this oppressive heat wave end?

10 February, 2017

WHEN WILL THIS OPPRESSIVE HEAT WAVE END? The majority of Australia is suffering a brutal and long lasting heatwave at this time....

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Book your trip with flat white

10 February, 2017
Posted in Latest Updates

WOULD you like a trip to Thailand with your flat white? That's a question you could potentially hear at Travellers Coffee House, Hume St, Toowoomba, which is the first to combine a cafe with a travel company under the same roof.......

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The Beggars V1

The Beggars Sing from the Heart

09 February, 2017

Following the success of previous shows Australian Songbook, Sing the Seekers and Sing! the Beggars turn their hearts and voices to the emotional power of song and it's mysterious ability to touch the listener, releasing recollections of love, family, joy...

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