I’ve never really liked the idea of a chiropractor cracking my neck or working on my spine especially after an experience I had in India many years ago. I went to street barber in a small town in India – a traditional proper barber’s chair located at the side of the road under a tattered old tarpaulin. A great haircut followed by a head massage and the suddenly he jerked my head violently to the left with a resultant loud cracking noise! I jumped up from the chair – at first I thought he was trying to kill me! He calmed me down but there was no way in the world I wanted him to jerk my head to the right which he insisted he should do. I paid my 4 rupees and never looked back – mainly because my neck felt so weird and unbalanced for the next month. A couple of years ago suddenly for no apparent reason my right arm froze and it just hung loose at my side and no matter how hard I tried I could not lift it up. I tried acupuncture, massage, doctors, x rays, ultrasounds cortisone injections and not much really helped. A chance meeting with an old lady in Thailand who massaged me twice for about 2 hours overall which gave me a little bit of movement but nothing really helped. No one seemed to know what caused it and what was wrong. My shoulder became really painful and would dislocate often which made sleeping almost impossible and the pain was intense and I lost weight and became really irritable. I then met Charlie! He was recommended to me by a friend so I went to see him. He practises the Gonstead system of Chiropratic. He asked me to go and get a stitched x ray of my whole spine which I did and then I went to visit him. He looked at the x ray, assessed what was wrong and then adjusted my neck and spine in a couple of places, did a quick bit of deep pressure point massage and then with a gentle but firm manoeuvre put my dislocated shoulder back in place. He explained to me what was wrong and how if I exercised correctly eventually the strengthened muscles would keep the shoulder joint in the correct place. He was so right and now when I go to see him he doesn’t have to put my shoulder back in place – it doesn’t dislocate anymore! I used to have to travel from Toowoomba to Brisbane, about 130klms, to see him but thankfully he now has opened a practice in Toowoomba also which is great for the people in this area. His contact details are: Dr.Charlie S Chae, B.Health.Sci(Chiro),M Clin Chiro; Dip Fitness of Health (PT) Phone: 042 5844 043 Chiropractic-focus.com.au