Darling Downs Zoo is now open. The major regional zoo in Queensland has reopened with some COVID safe rules for everyone’s safety. Have you already been there? A day trip to the zoo with the entire family is a fantastic idea. Darling Downs Zoo is in a peaceful rural setting just 40 minutes from Toowoomba.

Steve and Stephanie Robinson are the zoo owners. They dedicated their lives to the care of all creatures, great and small. The zoo features four geographical areas, with animals from Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Their focus is on housing and displaying animals in appropriate social groups and naturalistically themed habitats. The zoo specialises in the captive husbandry and breeding of a wide range of critically endangered, endangered, and vulnerable species from around the world.

So what can you do here? The zoo offers daily free events such as:

  • Meet a baby Crocodile: You and your children can get a closer look at this Australian baby reptile. Bring your camera so you can capture the moment.
  • Asian Primate Talk: Do you know what Siamangs and Macaques are? This talk will explain their life, habits, what they eat, and how they have contributed to the enrichment of our lives.
  • Sumatran Tiger Talk and Treat Feed: Sumatran Tigers are rare and difficult to spot. So don’t pass up the opportunity to see the beautiful but endangered Sumatran Tiger while the keepers feed it.
  • Pygmy Hippo & Meerkat Talk: Would you like to see Queensland’s only Pygmy Hippopotamus and Queensland’s first-ever Meerkat colony? Join the Pygmy Hippo & Meerkat Talk and watch their interactions with the Darling Downs Zoo keepers.
  • Giraffe & Cheetah Talk: There are three beautiful young Giraffes and a gorgeous baby in Darling Downs Zoo. For a close look, join the talk, and the keeper will introduce you and tell you lots of interesting information about them while they enjoy a snack in their spacious paddock. In addition, the Cheetah facility is also in this area, and Darling Downs Zoo keepers will be happy to share stories and information about this beautiful species.
  • African Lions: See the only Lions in any Queensland zoo – normal coloured brown Lions and the magnificent White Lions.
  • Baboon Treat Feed: Queensland’s largest Baboon troupe always has plenty of babies, and their antics will delight you!

Why not take a break after a few shows and enjoy a delicious lunch? Bring a picnic or prepare your favourite barbeque meal on one of the zoo’s free gas grills. You can also delegate the cooking to them.

Darling Downs Zoo serves a freshly cooked good old Aussie sausage sizzle every day for $2.50, including freshly barbecued local sausage, bread, and your choice of sauces. For an additional 50 cents, you can add onion to your order. They also serve pies, sausage rolls, vegetarian and gluten-free meals, coffee, cold beverages, ice cream and other snacks.

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