Fly the flag at any of the Australia Day celebrations organised by the community in the Toowoomba Region on January 26 to display your pride in your country.

Toowoomba offers free events that are an excellent opportunity to celebrate with other Australians the blessing of residing in this beautiful region. Celebrate Australia’s diverse culture, recognise its accomplishments, and reaffirm your commitment to improving the country for all.

Why not learn more about the area’s history while you are in Toowoomba? 

Cobb+Co Museum

The Cobb+Co Museum, which houses the National Carriage Collection and focuses on horse-drawn carriages and heritage trades, is a great place to earn how horse-drawn vehicles impacted Australia’s development and shaped social history.

Each of the 47 vehicles in Queensland’s National Carriage Collection, which spans a variety of types, had a significant impact on the state’s growth, such as:

  • Cobb & Co. coaches – These are for people who need to travel far between towns.
  • Carriages: Rich people who could afford drivers and grooms uses these opulent cars.
  • Wagons: Heavy loads were transported across the Darling Downs by four-wheeled wagons.
  • Carts and drays: Wool bales, milk cream, and other produce were all transported using two-wheeled carts and drays.
  • Buggies: Four-wheeled buggies were used to transport people and were sleek and lightweight.
  • Sulkies & gigs: Sulkies and gigs were quick, light, and a preferred mode of transportation for people.
  • Omnibuses: The primary method of public transportation in towns and suburbs was the omnibus.

The National Carriage Factor, a purpose-built, open-plan working area honouring Australia’s accomplished master artisans, is another exhibit you can view inside Cobb+Co Museum.

Woodworking, leatherworking, wheelwrighting, and accredited training programs for these trades are all offered in this location. Visitors can discover the background of these professions, observe artisans at work, comprehend the handcrafted production processes, and take in the beauty of original, cutting-edge contemporary products.

Bring your young children to The Coach Stop play area. The Coach Stop is about play and discovery because it was created especially for kids. Your children can play in the Cobb+Co Museum General Store, hide out in Harry’s Hideout, dress up and pretend to ride a Cobb & Co coach through the outback, read a book while surrounded by the animals that decorate the walls, and more.

Catch the 2023 Summer Tunes in February if you have more time or intend to take another Toowoomba holiday.

2023 Summer Tunes 

Prepare to spread your picnic blanket and enjoy the sunshine. Gather your loved ones for live music in the area’s parks. Sing, clap, and dance, along with regional musicians playing a variety of musical styles. 2023 Summer Tunes is a FREE occasion taking place in well-liked parks. It will take place in Toowoomba on February 11 from 1 to 4 p.m. in Newtown Park and Picnic Point.

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