Did you know that there are designated walks that pass by numerous sites of historic interest throughout Toowoomba City? You will appreciate these treks if you love taking walks through history. Plus, it is a great family activity, and you will have a terrific time sightseeing and exploring.

If you plan to take a quick trip or scheduled to visit Toowoomba any time soon, you can look through the interactive maps online. You can also pick up pamphlets for each historic walk at the visitor information centres or Toowoomba Region Customer Service Centres.

The Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre is at 82-86 James Street in Toowoomba. It is open from 9 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please take note that there are various walks and a few of them.

Toowoomba City Historic Walks

Caledonian Estate Historic Walk

The Caledonian Estate Historic Walk can be completed in about 30 minutes at a quick speed or in about an hour at a leisurely pace. The Caledonian Society held their sporting events on the ground between Burstow and Lindsay Streets from the jail to Herries Street. When the first residential land sales began in 1904, the name stayed. 

Enjoy your stroll through this ancient district, where streets with names like Bruce, Stirling, and Burns honour the Scottish heritage of the city.

Mort Estate Historic Walk

The Mort Estate Historic Walk is another. The trek should take around an hour to complete. The Mort Estate is the oldest subdivision in Toowoomba. It was founded in 1862 when renowned colonial figure Thomas Sutcliffe Mort made it available for sale in 100 allotments.

Russell Street Historic Walk

Farm Road was formerly known as Russell Street. Settlers from the west utilised the dirt road to bring their livestock to Brisbane for sale and to return with supplies to their holdings. After Henry Stuart Russell, the street was named Russell Street by 1854. Russell was a pioneering Toowoomba inhabitant who worked as a grazier, adventurer, politician, author, and gentleman, among other things.

Queens Park and Surrounds Historic Walk

It was usual for the colonial administration to donate land for a “Queen’s Park” during Queen Victoria’s reign.

The site where the Grammar School stands was under local government in 1861—however, the existing location (Government Camping Ground Reserve) was changed by 1871. The area was for grazing and had brickmakers’ deep trenches. Mayor W.H. Groom secured funding in 1872 to enclose the property and create a botanical garden.

These are just a few of the many historical walks that Toowoomba has to offer. You are welcome in Laguna Apartments if you want to be near all!

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