As the sun bathes Toowoomba in its golden glow, the air is with the promise of adventure and exploration. This summer, escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary as we unveil a curated list of exhilarating experiences in and around Toowoomba. From wildlife wonders to panoramic peaks, our guide is your ticket to an unforgettable season of discovery. 

Join us as we highlight the top adventures awaiting you in the heart of Queensland. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty, thrill, and excitement that make Toowoomba a summer haven for adventure seekers!

Exciting Things to Do in Toowoomba, Queensland, in the Summer

Visit the Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat

We’re starting our adventure in Toowoomba with a fun outing to the Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat. This 19-acre park features grassy areas where birds can frolic and several lakes and lagoons bordered by reeds. This place is a birder’s paradise. Check out cattle egrets, plumed whistling ducks, black cormorants, ibis, and more. 

You’ll also find lorikeets, kookaburras, sulphur-crested cockatoos, and rosellas here. Snap some photos of the birds for your collection. The Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm.

Hike Picnic Point

From Toowoomba Waterbird Habitat, drive east to scenic Picnic Point. This area is one of the region’s most breathtaking spots. But don’t worry, there’s no need to wear your hiking clothes and shoes as the hike is pretty light for most people. This park features paved walking trails, making hiking here a leisurely activity. Bring a hat, though, as it can get hot during the summer.

You’ll pass a man-made waterfall on the way to the lookout, so feel free to strike a pose and take some photos there. There are two lookouts where you can see the valley below, but the most scenic one is the Picnic Point Lookout. The hike, though light, can make anyone hungry. We recommend dropping by Picnic Point Cafe to grab a bite. Picnic Point will be closed on Christmas Day but will open on the 26th of December.

Head to Katoomba Point Lookout

Want to go for a joyride? Head to nearby Prince Henry Heights and check out the different lookouts that will give you a breathtaking view of the Redwood Park and Toowoomba area. There are three different lookouts: Lovers Outlook, Prince Henry Drive Lookout, and Katoomba Point Lookout. Of the three, Katoomba Point Lookout offers the most stunning view of the valley and hills below.

Visit the Cobb+Co Museum

We’re returning to the Toowoomba area to see some carriages from the 19th century. Toowoomba is one of Australia’s oldest inland cities, and you can see it in the city’s perfectly preserved architecture. But architecture is just a part of its charm. You’ll also see it in Toowoomba’s Cobb+Co Museum, a 19th and early 20th-century carriages repository.

The Cobb+Co Museum opens every day from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Remember that holidays may affect these hours if you’re here for Christmas and New Year. 

See the Araucaria Falls

Hike the Main Range National Park if you want an extra challenging adventure in the region. The trail to the Araucaria Falls is well-worn, so it’s easy to follow. Enjoy the tranquillity of mother nature and take some snaps of the waterfalls and the trees. You don’t need to pay anything to hike to the Araucaria Falls. You also don’t need to apply for permits.

Hike the Bunya Mountains National Park

Need more hiking to complete your Toowoomba adventure? From your Toowoomba apartment, drive north to Bunya Mountain National Park. It’s only 1 1/2 hours from the area, so you can easily spend a day there and return to your Toowoomba accommodation afterwards.

Take the Scenic Circuit to see giant bunya pine trees (Araucaria bidwillii) and other native flora. Check out the different waterfalls along the trail and feel the refreshing breeze. The path is well-worn, and there are wooden and paved walks to make it easier for older people or kids.

There are parking spaces at the base of the park. Hungry after your hike? Head to Poppies on the Hill Cafe for sandwiches and soft drinks. You can also visit the Bunya Mountain Markets on the last Sunday of the month. The markets are open from 9 am to 2 pm.

Check out the Darling Downs Zoo

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Darling Downs region, the Darling Downs Zoo promises an unforgettable wildlife adventure. Admire animals worldwide, such as giraffes, big cats, primates, and reptiles. With that, the zoo is a living tapestry of nature’s wonders.

Get up close and personal with some of the most enchanting creatures through unique, hands-on experiences. From feeding kangaroos to meeting the zoo’s resident meerkats, every encounter is a chance to forge a deeper connection with the animal kingdom.

Darling Downs Zoo is not just a place to see animals; it’s a hub of education and conservation. Engage with informative talks and demonstrations highlighting the importance of wildlife conservation and the zoo’s commitment to preserving endangered species.

Hike Table Top Mountain

Gazing over Toowoomba, QLD, like a guardian of the region, Table Top Mountain stands as an iconic natural landmark, inviting adventurers to ascend its heights and embrace the breathtaking views that await.

The summit of Table Top Mountain offers a view that will leave you breathless. Take in the vast expanse of the Darling Downs, with its rolling hills, meandering rivers, and vibrant landscapes. The view is a visual feast that captures the essence of this beautiful region.

Wear your hiking shoes and walk the trails that lead to the summit. The journey is an adventure, winding through native bushland and showcasing the unique flora and fauna of the area. As you ascend, feel the refreshing sense of accomplishment.

Capture moments against the unforgettable backdrop of the Australian countryside. The changing hues of the landscape, especially during sunrise or sunset, provide a canvas for photographers to showcase their skills and create memories.

Table Top Mountain is not just a geological wonder; it’s a haven for nature enthusiasts. Encounter unique plant species, spot local birdlife, and relish the tranquillity of being surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors.

Visit the Australian Army Flying Museum

The Australian Army Flying Museum offers visitors an opportunity to be transported in the past and explore the evolution of military aviation. From the early days of flight to today’s cutting-edge technology, the museum’s exhibits provide a comprehensive and fascinating journey through the history of the Australian Army’s aviation capabilities.

Get up close and personal with an impressive collection of rare and historic aircraft that have played pivotal roles in Australia’s military history. Each aircraft tells a story of innovation, bravery, and technological advancement, from vintage biplanes to modern helicopters.

Beyond aircraft, the museum houses a treasure trove of military artefacts, uniforms, and memorabilia. These items are tangible links to the men and women who have served in the Australian Army and contribute to a deeper understanding of the human stories behind the machines.

The Australian Army Flying Museum is an educational hub offering programs and resources for students and aviation enthusiasts. Engaging displays, informative exhibits, and guided tours provide valuable insights into the science, technology, and history of military aviation.

The Australian Army Flying Museum offers a family-friendly environment, making it an ideal destination for visitors of all ages. Interactive displays, engaging exhibits, and the chance to climb into some aircraft ensure an enjoyable experience for children and adults.

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