Everyone loves a water feature so why not make it a big one and combine it with a vertical garden to make it even better?  Better still why not put fish in the water and via a biological filter use their waste to feed the plants in the vertical garden?  (A form of aquaponics)  This becomes virtually maintenance free if set up correctly at the start.  Add a few water lilies and aquatic plants and you have an ecological hotspot that will attract frogs and all sorts of wonderful wildlife and will give endless hours of peaceful enjoyment and discovery as the feature matures over time.

It is not as hard as it seems!  With the vertical garden part of the project there are many kits and packages on the market for smaller projects available from most large hardware stores and several ones are available for larger projects from companies listed on the internet.  The one used at the Laguna Serviced Apartments was purchased from “Atlantis” ( and as everything is supplied flat pack and with a great instruction manual, I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

The water feature side of things can be researched once again on the internet as can be the set up for using the fish waste to supply the nutrients for the plants in the vertical garden.  To our knowledge this is the first set up of its kind in Toowoomba and has generated a huge amount of interest and provided inspiration and tranquillity to many guests and visitors. 

Don’t be afraid to have a go, if you need any help or need to discuss a project you have in mind then please feel free to come and have a look and ask for Laguna Manager Jon Abraham.