1         A chinese man spent 200,000 chinese yuan to make 170,000 fake chinese yuan and got caught.

2         A bungled marathon in the UK where only one person completed the race and won, the 2nd place person took 5000 runners and went the wrong way and did not finish.

3         In an ancient emperors tomb they found a child’s skeleton experts said it must be the emperor when he was a child.

4         A young wowan wanted to scare her boyfriend. She called the police and lied that he had escaped from jail.  The police arrested him and found that he had escaped from jail.

5         In the US a young man tried to commit suicide.  His mother called the police to try to stop him.   The police came but shot him instead – that works.

6         Ukraine wanted to cancel Russia’s voting rights – Russia voted no.

7         A Chinese couple imagined they won 500,000 yuan in lotto. They ended up fighting to death because they could not agree to a fare division of the imaginary money.

8         A bride on her wedding night used Tiger Balm instead of KY Jelly – the groom spent all night in hospital.

9         A Korean lady with highly infectious MERS had been kept in a quarantine centre.  She escaped and from the pictures provided to the police they caught over 500 women. (too much plastic surgery in Korea)

10     A man booked  into a hotel and spent $800 for two call girls, they ended up playing mahjong, the man won $2000 from the call girls.

11     A teacher sexually harassed a  female student. At his trial he was given a 1 year jail term.  He appealed the severity of the sentence and was given 12 years the second time around.

12     Young woman was told by her doctor that she had AIDS.  Out of anger, she decide to spread her AIDS to everyone by sleeping around.  After her one year, the doctor told her it was a mistake – she did not have AIDS.

13     A man went to a warehouse and stole soft drinks worth over 50,000 Chinese yuan.   He then spent all night pouring out the drink so he could sell the empty bottles for 200 Chinese yuan.

14     A thief went into a house to steal, in case he made a noise he took his shoes off.  The smell from his feet woke up the residents.

15      A woman studied for 13 years and still did not pass her driving test.  The driving school refunded all her money and shouted her a free dinner to stop her coming back.

16      After the famous film producer  Zhang Yimeng finished paying all his penalty for having a 2nd child in China, the Chinese Government changed their policy to support citizens having a 2nd child