As of the 21st of March 2016, Michelle and Gary Kitchen will be taking over Coffee House at 189 Hume Street.

Michelle and Gary Kitchen are both Toowoomba people through and through having lived most of their lives here. They married young and raised their family in Toowoomba. They have 2 daughters, Kirra-Lee and Brittany, a brand new grandchild and remain a very close knit family. As a family they have travelled extensively through Asia and their love of travelling and food has become the family hobby.

As “empty nesters” Michelle and Gary took the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Asia taking in 11 countries during the last year to sample food and lifestyles in the most favoured of these and bring back ideas and recipes

After returning from one year of Asian travels they arrived back in Toowoomba at a crossroads in their lives and when the opportunity to take over the Coffee House Café presented itself they jumped at the chance to pursue their next challenge.

Michelle’s passion for food was ignited at an early age watching her grandmother preparing meals. She followed that passion doing her time under the chef’s at a cafeteria and has since worked successfully in many local hotel restaurants, bistros and cafes in various positions and at the pinnacle of her career was Executive Chef in several different locations.

Gary has also worked along side Michelle for several years in their own bistro along with others and also enjoys front of house duties and bar work. It’s called the Hospitality Industry for a reason and being hospitable gives Gary  great joy.

Their aim for the Coffee House is to continue the great work already done by Theresa and her staff and raise the bar by producing food not just made fresh but made with love. This will be a family affair as their youngest daughter will join them and bring her passion for great food and excellent service and extensive experience in cake baking and decorating.

They are looking forward to meeting all of the Coffee House regulars & Laguna Apartments guests and going on to deliver the already high standard of service as well as putting their own spin on the blossoming cafe culture in Toowoomba.

Michelle and Gary will have new dishes on a weekly basis to indulge your taste, so be sure come over regularly to sample their exciting new dishes and personal service.