Toowoomba is known as the “Garden City” and is located on the top of a mountain – so always bring yourself a jacket even in the summer, the evenings can sometimes be cool!  Toowoomba can be very hot in summer but after the sun sets, the evenings can be quite chilly and in winter it can get very cold, sometimes even below zero degrees!  There is no other place like Toowoomba in Queensland, it is very clearly a 4 season city and each season has a very different beauty.  In spring, all the flowers are open and Toowoomba has it most famous Carnival of Flowers.  Held every year in the second week of the September for one week, people come from all over the country to enjoy the festival and the magnificent gardens that Toowoomba is famous for.  Some the world’s best gardens are open for you to visit, make sure you come to Toowoomba at that time.

In Summer the weather is very pleasant, lots of jacarandas are in flower making parts of the city purple in colour.  Toowoomba people are avid gardeners and nearly every street is a riot of colour during these months.  The evenings are rarely hot but pleasantly warm – great for walking around the beautiful parks and the increasingly vibrant city. Toowoomba is a very popular destination for weddings because of the climate, abundant wedding venues and the myriad photo opportunities in all the parks and gardens.  Autumn delights with many of the deciduous trees leaves changing colour through from green to yellow, orange and red – a stunning sight!

The city centre of Toowoomba is rapidly changing into a vibrant centre with lots of development and street art, cafés, laneways and of course the half billion dollar extension to the main shopping centre!  A new private airport also services the Toowoomba community and a new range crossing is in the process of being built. All of this new development compliments the existing heritage buildings that are widely scattered throughout the Toowoomba region.