A lot of people have asked me the secret to my glowing skin.  I use a very simple treatment that is easy and quick to do and within a week will show real results that you and others will notice.

Firstly you need to ask at your local coffee shop for some coffee grounds after they have made you your favourite coffee.  You will also need a raw egg, a facial cleaner and a moisturiser.   

When you wake up in the morning use a mild facial cleaner mixed with some coffee grounds to clean your face for about a minute.  When you have finished dab your face dry with a towel.  Then you need to seperate the white from the yolk of an egg and keep the yolk for cooking later.   Using a small flat brush, cover your face with the white of the egg taking care not to get any into your eyes or on your lips.  If possible lay down and avoid talking and moving for half an hour and then look in the mirror!  The egg will have dried and your face will look strange to say the least!  Don't worry, rinse off the egg with cold water and use a towel to dab your face dry.  Finish by applying a facial moisturiser – even after just one treatment you will probably notice a different.  After a week you should definitely notice a difference.   

If using make up afterwards try not to use powder based products or those that will clogg up your pores.  A lot of people after using this treatment find they need very little or no facial make up after using this treatment – give it a go. 

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