WOULD you like a trip to Thailand with your flat white?

That's a question you could potentially hear at Travellers Coffee House, Hume St, Toowoomba, which is the first to combine a cafe with a travel company under the same roof.

The first tour to Kuala Lumpur in April has already sold out, much to the delight of owners Gary and Michelle Kitchen.

We had a vision from the start that we wanted to set the coffee shop up and get people interested in travel and it was a natural progression from there," Mr Kitchen said.

"The customers have asked us about Asia but said they didn't want to go alone.

"It's a cultural thing (that makes it appealing) and as a destination Asia is way more affordable than other places."

The pair started the cafe a year ago to combine their love of travelling and the need to start a business after their granddaughter was born.

Mr Kitchen said he wanted people to experience countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar and Kuala Lumpur as a seasoned traveller would, rather than as a tourist.

"We love eating the different foods that we get over there, (so) we want people to taste those authentic foods," he said.

"We know where to stay in the middle of the city, where to eat cheap and how to get around the city without needing to take cabs.

"When we go to northern Thailand we've got a personal driver.

"We've immersed ourselves in the culture and we know how it all works."

For more information about Travellers Coffee House, call 4659 9122.