The majority of Australia is suffering a brutal and long lasting heatwave at this time.

Apparently a giant pocket of hot air that is causing the oppressive conditions is heading North in the next few days.  SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!!!

It looks as if VICTORIA will be the first state to get some relief from the heat with temperatures expected to drop to a max of 26 degrees Celsius this Friday

SOUTH AUSTRALIA should finally see a cool change by Sunday with maximum a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Unfortunately in NEW SOUTH WALES things should get worse before they get better with the heatwave conditions of VICTORIA and SOUTH AUSTRALIA pushing into NEW SOUTH WALES during this Friday.  A top temperature of 39 dgrees Celsius is predicted for Saturday with cooler temperatures expected to set in on Monday.

Queensland will be the last state to get relief from the heat wave conditions with a peak of 38 degrees Celsius predicted on Sunday with cooler more comfortable temperatures expected from Tuesday onwards.  NORTHERN QUEENSLAND will have to wait until Wednesday to see conditions easing.

In The AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY Saturday should be the hottest day of the year with a slightly cooler Sunday and significantly cooler conditions for Monday onwards.