In a city that is world famous for its stunning and award winning gardens, parks and Carnival of Flowers – Toowoomba has another stunning 6 hectare garden and rainforest that is unique and also of world renown.  It is hard to do justice to Boyce gardens with words and pictures hardly suffice to do credit to this magnificent garden situated in the Toowoomba suburbs.  Not only are the neatly manicured sections of the gardens stunning in their grand scale, design and level of maintenance but the area of 30 metre high canopy rainforest is the only original remnant rainforest left in Toowoomba and well worth visiting just for this alone.

When you enter the gardens it is like opening a door into another world!  Once you enter the gate and head off down the curved and slopping path towards the original homestead you are immediately immersed in the grand scale and silence of a green and stately elegant property.  There are so many different areas to explore and on so many levels and the standard of upkeep is mindboggling!  This is a garden that was made with love and care and incredible foresight and patience and now it is there forever for everyone to enjoy.  It would be easy to miss the entrance to the original rainforest area but a stroll under the 30 metre high rainforest canopy is something extra special especially as it is within the boundaries of Toowoomba city.

The gardens were established and built by Leslie and Margaret Boyce after they purchased the land in 1929, they lived there and developed the gardens until Margaret died in 1984 and Leslie died in 1988.

BOYCE GARDENS is a Heritage listed garden and is located at 6 Range Street, Mount Lofty, Toowoomba, Queensland and in 1969 the whole estate was gifted to the UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND in trust to hold the land in perpetuity for educational purposes and to preserve and maintain the gardens and natural forest for use as a Botanic Garden and Natural Forest for the education of the public.  The Boyces also provided an endowment that provides for the perpetual maintenance of the Gardens and all property.

This is a garden and an experience that should not be missed if you are ever in the Toowoomba area and many people come here from far and wide and even overseas just to spend time in this magical place.