There is an absolutely unique opportunity to see the award-winning international touring exhibition of LEONARDO da VINCI’S INVENTIONS BROUGHT TO LIFE here in Toowoomba until May 27th 2018.  This fantastic exhibition is on loan from the Museum of Leonard da Vinci in Florence Italy and features a vast collection of machines that have been created from original da Vinci drawings that bring the mechanical concepts of his brilliant mind to life.  These include the bicycle, the scuba suit, spring powered car and also flying machines.

Among the many of da Vinci’s inventions are automatons, nautical, hydraulic and architectural tools, unique and ground-breaking applications of civil engineering and fear inspiring machines of war including tanks.

Visitors can also see actual-size digital prints of several of da Vinci’s famous paintings including: The Last Supper, The Annunciation, Lady with an Ermine, his self-portrait and also perhaps the most famous of all- The Mona Lisa.  This incredible exhibition is on show at the COBB + CO MUSEUM at 27 Lindsay Street TOOWOOMBA until May 27 2018, Phone (07) 4659 4900  Don’t miss this once in a lifetimes opportunity to see a world class award winning exhibition in a stunning facility right here in Toowoomba, Queensland!