If you’re planning a trip to Toowoomba, you’ll be glad to know that there are upcoming events you can look forward to. Check out these Toowoomba events 2019. Catch the hottest shows. There’s something for everyone. Try something new, something you never thought of doing before. Enjoy the markets that are filled with cool things you might be into. Enjoy your trip to Toowoomba and make the most of your holiday.

Toowoomba High Vibe Markets

Toowoomba High Vibe Markets features bright, funky and uplifting things in one place. You’ll find jewellery makers, crystals, clothing, art, sculpture, dream catchers and many more. Find unique and decorative stuff you’ll love.

Aside from these cool products, the event will also feature mediums, tarot card readers and lightworkers from across the region. Enjoy fun and exciting activities. Meet like-minded individuals and learn from them.

The grand launch event will feature local artists “Drumdance Bellydance”. The group performs American Tribal Style Bellydance and live tribal band on stage. Enjoy the rhythms and the beats. Experience their unique music and performance.

There’s also tasty food from local mobile food vendors. Sample hearty meals, kombucha on-tap, fresh organic coffee and handcrafted chai. Enjoy refreshing sips of coffee and chai.

Don’t miss Toowoomba High Vibe Markets at The Mills Precinct on December 14.

Pub Choir

If you have a secret wish to belong in a choir but never got accepted, now is your chance. Be a part of an impromptu choir and sing with strangers. Learn a song in three-part harmony in only 90 minutes and make your singing dreams come true.

Everybody can sing. The team at Pub Choir proves it.

Head over to Blank Space and join hundreds of strangers. Not only will you learn a song, but you’ll get to perform it twice. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll realise how much fun it is to sing and jam with strangers. Be united in learning a song and feel inspired afterwards. Anyone can sing.

No auditions, no solos, no commitments, no sheet music, no worries.

Music belongs to everybody. So join in and enjoy music together.

Grab a drink, kick back, relax and sing your heart out. Unleash the inner performer you never knew existed. Get the confidence to sing out loud at the top of your lungs and have a blast.

Pub Choir is happening at Blank Space @The Mills Precinct on January 17.

Charlotte’s Web

Catch Charlotte’s Web at Empire Theatre. Relive this childhood favourite.

A little pig named Wilbur is the unlikely hero in this charming tale about an unconventional friendship between a pig and a spider. As Wilbur faces the challenges of his new world, he navigates uncharted waters with the help of some newly formed bonds. Follow Wilbur’s adventures, both heartwarming and exciting, as he tries to find his place. Along the way, he picks up lessons about life and death, miracles, loyalty and trust.

Wilbur is the runt of the litter and is on the path to being slaughtered. But then the farmer’s daughter saves him. As he grows into a terrific little pig, he becomes friends with the characters in the barn. Meet a gluttonous rat, chatty goose and bleak sheep.

Wilbur strikes a surprising friendship with Charlotte the spider. Charlotte does everything she can to save Wilbur and keep him out of harm’s way. Their bond motivates the other animals to come together and become a family. When Charlotte finds out that Wilbur’s days are numbered, she comes up with an ingenious plan and spins her miracle to save his life.

Charlotte’s Web is a timeless tale based on the beloved book by E.B. White. Be sure to catch this heartwarming show from January 14 – 16, 2019 at Armitage Centre Heritage Bank Auditorium.

Kinky Boots

Catch Kinky Boots, book by Book by Harvey Fierstein Music and Lyrics by Cyndi Lauper. Based on the Miramax motion picture Kinky Boots, the movie has become a critically acclaimed musical.

The Empire Theatres 2019 primary production, Kinky Boots, will prove that sometimes the best way to fit in, is to stand out.

Kinky Boots stems from a true story. It is an exciting new musical with an unforgettable score by the iconic Cyndi Lauper. The musical features tremendous talent, dancing, and a singularly uplifting story. The musical follows Charlie Price, a young businessman who has to give up his dreams of living in London City to save his late father’s family business in Northern England.

Charlie is reluctant at first, but then he throws himself into saving the old shoe factory. He is inspired by Lola, a fabulous entertainer who needs some dangerous stilettos. Charlie and Lola team up to keep the shoe factory by making stilettos. The unlikely pair realises that as different as they seem, they have a lot in common. They discover that with a change in perspective, you can change your world.

Don’t miss Kinky Boots at Empire Theatre from March 22 – 31.

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