Did you know Toowoomba is a Pure Land?

It was in the year 2000 that Venerable Master Chin Kung planned to build a Buddhist college in Australia. At that time, a Singaporean female believer claimed to own a piece of land in Toowoomba and was willing to donate it for the college’s use. Venerable Master Chin Kung went to Toowoomba with his followers, but the lady had forgotten the specific address.

The fate of Venerable Master Chin Kung and Toowoomba began…

When the Master arrived in Toowoomba, he found he liked Toowoomba very much, saying “This is the Pure Land on earth. The people who live here are all blessed people.”

The Master believes that if all the religions and beliefs in the world can live together peacefully like a family, only then can the world be truly peaceful. In the “Pure Land” today, you can meet spokespersons and priests of various religions, where people of various faiths live together in harmony.

In the Pure Land – in addition to teaching Pure Land Buddhism – there are yoga practice and various cultural exchanges. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a weekend vegetarian meal here for free.

Every festival, such as the Spring Festival in China and New Year’s Day in the West, Pure Land College holds a grand celebration where everyone is welcome. There are lion dance shows, kung fu shows, singing and dancing… all enjoying super food fest dinners kindly supplied by Pure Land for free. Everyone who comes to join is greeted with a smile and made to feel part of a big happy family.

Each year, these celebrations involve more than 500 local residents! If you are lucky enough to visit Toowoomba, you shouldn’t miss the “Pure Land” celebration event, along with the chance to see a 1000-year-old jade Guan Yin that was donated several years ago.

话说2000.年,净空法师打算要在澳大利亚建一所佛学院,当时有位新加坡的女信徒自告奋勇说自己在图文巴有一块地, 愿意捐出来供学院使用。 净空大师便与弟子一同前往图文巴,可该女士却忘了其土地的具体地址,也无从考查。



大师说,只有当天下所有教会、信仰,能够和平相处,如同一家,世界才能真正的和平。所以,在“净土”你可以接触到各种教会的代言人、神父…… 在这里,各种不同信仰的人士,都能在一起和谐相处。




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